Special Recognition

Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt/Main

Architects: gmp – von Gerkan, Marg und Partner, Hamburg (technical architects) and Mario Bellini Architects, Milan (design architects)
Project architects: Volkwin Marg, Hubert Nienhoff (gmp), Mario Bellini with principle architect Giulio Castegini
Developer: Deutsche Bank AG
Purpose: office building
Height: 155 m
Completion: 2011
Location: Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Deutsche Bank © photo: Deutsche Bank

Since the building was completed in 1984, Deutsche Bank's twin towers have represented an unmistakable landmark on the Frankfurt skyline. Hamburg-based bureau gmp – von Gerkan, Marg und Partner as the technical architects, in collaboration with the Milan-based bureau of Mario Bellini, the design architects, came up with an holistic concept for modernizing these high-rises. This involved comprehensively renovating the building with its gross surface area of 121,522 square meters, which in turn comprised completely replacing the building services engineering, restructuring the interior, and putting in place contemporary furnishings. Measures to enhance energy efficiency, user comfort and lifecycle costs were also integrated. Without changing the original structure, the towers were redesigned, particularly in terms of sustainability. Accordingly, the energy consumption was halved (savings of 19.8 GWh per year), the water consumption cut by 70 percent and the CO2 emissions reduced by almost 90 percent. Moreover, thanks to improved efficiency with regard to the use of space, since the conversion work it has been possible to accommodate an additional 600 members of staff at Group headquarters.

From the jury's verdict: »This is the kind of solution that we will doubtless be encountering even more frequently in the future. And it goes to show how existing structures and predefined shapes can be modernized in harmony with groundbreaking technology.«

Deutsche Bank, foyer, © photo: Deutsche Bank
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