Eight Spruce Street, New York City

Architects: Gehry Partners, Los Angeles
Project architect: John Bowers
Developer: Forest City Ratner Companies, New York City
Purpose: residential, school, offices
Height: 265,2 m
Completion: 2011
Location: New York City, USA

Eight Spruce Street &copy Foto: Gehry Partners, Los Angeles

Eight Spruce Street in Lower Manhattan is a 76-storey residential highrise housing not only more than 900 luxury apartments, but also a school and offices belonging to New York's Downtown Hospital. Eight Spruce Street represents a new urban landmark. With its animated metal façade typical of architect Frank Gehry's work, it resembles a shimmering sculpture, referencing as it does the historicized neighboring dating from the beginning of the 20th century. The way it is structured – a kind of three-tier »wedding cake« – as well as the dense window grid are based on its predecessors, edifices such as the famous Woolworth Building. Seven sides of the building are sculptural in shape, but by contrast the south side of the tower presents a planar surface. The tower's façade is clad with stainless steel panels, while the straightforward five-storey brick pedestal adopts the style of the neighboring buildings. The architect places particular importance on sustainability both in the construction and operation of the building, for example in the form of the façade’s high-performance insulation glass, a thermally protected roof and HVAC systems that save water and electricity. All the residential areas are lit and ventilated naturally.

From the jury's verdict: »In this extremely striking highrise Manhattan has gained not only an impressive landmark but also an urban planning gem and an excellent example of first-class architectural planning and building execution.«

Eight Spruce Street, bay window, © photo: Gehry Partners, Los Angeles
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